It has been a few days since I have written, but it has been because I have not really remembered any of my dreams for a few days. I have not been forgetting my journal, it is more a lack of remembering the dreams to write about. Last night was different though, and it may be hard for me to describe last nights dreams, because they are very personal in some ways and hard to give the full effect of them because of that.

The dream started out with a group of people that were on a sort of post-apocalyptic world. We were some sort of entertainment group or mercenary gang. Yes, i know those sound like two very different things and like they would be hard to confuse the two to the point where you couldn't tell them apart, but it made sense in the dream.

I was either new to the group or a newly installed leader and the group had fallen on hard times and being new, things were being blamed on me. I was trying to give rational explanations for the things that had gone wrong and explain that sometimes bad things happen and it was more the other reasons things had gone wrong, but well, things were not looking good.

There was then a conversation that involved donuts and sex, which again is a strange mix, but there it is. I remember bits and pieces of that, but overall very little of it. I mostly remember mention of chocolate coconut donuts and that the conversation was somehow the guy hitting on me, and I was trying to say yes to the donut and no to sex. Did I mention the guy was drunk?

Anyways, the dream then shifted to me walking into a overly modernized lab facility with all of these blue rounded sliding doors. As I walked through each door, I expected an alarm of some sort to go off. When an alarm finally did go off, it was saying that I was low on nitrates and a person appeared at a window with three different pills and a glass of water with two packets of equal floating on top of it. The equal got wet and I was trying to open it and pour it into the water when I woke up.



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