Sep. 15th, 2013 01:01 pm
I had several dreams last night and I remember fragments of them today. Some of them were related with each other, but I am not really sure where the connections are any more. I know part of the dream(s) took place at an SCA event of some sort. It was an event with a lot of vendors, like Birka and seemed to be in a rustic styled building. Someone came up to me and kept putting hair clips in my hair with frilly butterflies and such on them (I have no clue, so don't ask me... I remember three hair clips and that she was basically putting them on me as gifts).

Another part of the dream involved my friend Matt (aka Jethal) in a outfit comprised mainly of decoratively cut ribbons of paper shaped like a beard and clothes singing a song declaring his love for Elquinjena (aka Liz). Meanwhile, Liz was somewhere else throwing a fit and saying that she was through with Matt and that she was sick of him or something. Once again, I have no idea where any of this came from. I see some posts from Matt on facebook, but do not know of any problems with their relationship. The singing is at least somewhat in character though.



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