Well, this is not what I would label as a significant dream, but I want to get in the habit of writing about my dreams and remembering them more, so here it goes. I took a nap this afternoon and had this dream while I napped. I did not have a very deep sleep in my mind either, just as a side note. This dream involved talking with my sister Diane about cooking with raspberries. The conversation took place as she walked with me to a bagel and donut shop that she had a coupon for.

She asked me if I had ever done any cooking with raspberries, and I wanted to please her and started talking about making raspberry pancakes and muffins (which I have made with mixes) and she wanted to see pictures, which I did have. She also talked about some things that my other sister Judy made with raspberries, including a tart of some sort, which she showed me a picture of.

Now, I do enjoy raspberries, but overall the dream was just sort of weird and out from left field to me. I guess such is the way of dreams :-)
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