I do not recall a lot of last night's dreams, but I do recall being with a group of people and approaching a black wire fence that had black barbed wire at the top. The group of people had wanted to go over or around the fence, but as I looked at the fence it seemed to resonate darkness or some sort or evil and I knew that I did not want to go near it much less past it.

I then had to convince the rest of the group that I was with that going past or over the fence was a "bad idea" and ended up getting in something close to a fist fight about it. Maybe it was a fist fight, I don't recall the dream that clearly.

The thing that stands out the most clearly is the fence itself. It was a chain link fence and the black seemed painted on. It seemed like it was near a playground in the dream, which is disturbing. The most disturbing thing was just the feeling that came off from the fence... like a palpable force.



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